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Aspire is a leading global advisory firm dedicated to the evolving Customer Communications Management (CCM) and Customer Experience Management (CXM) markets

Aspire works with Enterprises, CCM-CXM Software and Service Providers, as well as Investors and Strategy Buyers, to deliver unbiased guidance and actionable insights through a variety of highly specialized services. With offices in the US, UK and Europe, our senior team brings unmatched industry expertise and domain experience to clients across the globe, with a strong focus on North America and Europe.


About Us

Aspire empowers Enterprises, CCM-CXM Software and Service Providers, as well as Investors and Strategy Buyers with unbiased guidance and actionable insights delivered through a variety of highly specialized services.


Aspire was founded in 2015 as a specialist advisory firm dedicated to the CCM-CXM markets, and continues to grow its offerings in a quickly-evolving industry for its clients’ needs today. In 2018, Aspire launched the Aspire Leaderboard, which remains the only dynamic CCM-CXM Software Vendor and Service Provider comparison tool. The Leaderboard is divided into a number of different grids with each one dedicated to a particular segment of the customer communications market. Aspire will soon debut a new Interactions Experience Management (IXM) grid focused on the evolving form, chatbots, and interactive personalized video markets. We have also recently launched the Aspire Sales Enablement (ASE) program, which is specifically designed to empower our provider clients' sales teams by equipping them with relevant market insights. 

Why Aspire

Unlike other industry analysts, Aspire is uniquely focused on the Customer Communications and Experience industry with a combined 100 years of dedicated experience. Aspire works with both CCM-CXM Vendors and Enterprises in the market, offering holistic and practical consulting and advice that helps clients develop and embrace better products and services, as well as faster communication transformation strategies.

Unlike the traditional annual assessment cycles, the vendor assessments on the Aspire Leaderboard are updated on a continuous basis, in order to more accurately reflect the fast-changing nature of the market. This is supported by a dynamic, online market analysis tool that visualizes the market, adapting dynamically to reflect individual buyers' requirements.


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Upcoming events

Aspire's Analyst and Consultancy team regularly attend and speak at both global industry conferences as well as Technology Vendor and Service Provider events. See below for a roundup of upcoming speaker engagements.

Join CrawfordTech’s 5th Customer Communications Summit, where Aspire's Kaspar Roos will be speaking on the four pivotal aspects that are driving the evolution of enterprise communication processes.
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OpenText Summit 2024 will showcase AI powered solutions and strategic innovations, services, and business partners that can provide expertise for AI initiatives successful. Aspire's Kaspar Roos will be delivering the guest Keynote alongside a session on the future of CCM.
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Quadient Connects is a one-stop shop for strategies and tactics to help you manage digital transformation to better connect with your customers and suppliers. Aspire's Kaspar Roos will be speaking at this event.
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"As a CX-focused vendor, Quadient values the Aspire Leaderboard because it respects the uniqueness of every business by allowing individuals to alter priorities to fit their current situation and future aspirations."


“Aspire is a trusted source of independent industry insight. As the CCM industry continues to evolve, Aspire works diligently to understand this landscape while gaining a thorough view of the market.”


“Kaspar and the team at Aspire deliver outstanding CCM expertise. The way they look at the market aligns with how we see it, so their insight is invaluable to our business.”


“I’ve enjoyed working with Kaspar over a number of years. From insightful keynote engagements, to expert market insight, he’s extremely familiar with the industry.”

Smart Communications

“With its focus on and expertise in customer communications management, Aspire delivers incredibly valuable insight to companies that are interested in staying ahead of the curve and creating rewarding relationships with their customers. As consumer demands continue to increase and the world becomes even more digital, the need for this advice will also continue to grow.”

Meet the team

Kaspar Roos

Founder & CEO

Martin Pack

COO and GM Aspire CCS

George Parapadakis

Research Director

Amanda Beesley

Vice President of Consultancy

Will Morgan

Senior Research Analyst

Steve Charbonnier

Senior Consultant

Lisa Corbridge

Marketing & PR Manager

Marleen de Wildt

Operations Manager


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