Thought Leadership - Vendor Edition

Improve your share of voice in the CCM-CXM market with a range of content that is audience-specific and supported by Aspire’s globally recognized industry expertise, primary market research and insights.

Products/Offerings included:

  • Whitepaper and Point of View authoring

  • Webinar participation

  • Speaking engagements

  • Video content / Snippets

  • Website blog copy

  • Analyst Quotes

  • Insight copy syndication

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Content Creation

  • Content Syndication

Aspire Offerings for Vendors

Thought Leadership

We will work with you to define, based on a subject of your choosing, a PoV (Point of View) paper. This paper can then be used as collateral for your marketing initiatives and combined with a Webinar, presented by one of our Analysts to your target audience. The PoV will be a takeaway for your audience.

There are many variations on Webinars, from us hosting / comparing to active participation in panels with other guest speakers.

We have presented as the KeyNote speaker at many Vendor events as well as associated industry bodies, such as DSF (Document Strategy Forum)

Why do this? What our clients ask us…

  • We need you to give our customers an overview of the CCM-CXM market

  • Can you help us engage with a briefing to a potential client?

How We Can Help

  • We create custom Whitepapers to showcase how your vendor solutions help client businesses solve their problems

  • We can combine PoV’s and Whitepapers with Webinars to further enhance your marketing opportunities and initiatives with our independent advice and Thought Leadership

  • We create Videos to further strengthen your marketing initiatives

  • We present as KeyNote speakers at major and regional events across the World

Real Business Outcomes

Aspire has worked with Companies across the World and in multiple, especially regulated, Industries to help them understand the challenges of poor Customer Communications and Experience. We have worked with Vendors across the World including Global Technology Providers and Service and Solution Providers, providing recognition of their products and services via our Aspire Leaderboard subscription memberships and associated services, helping them understand the path from CCM-CXM and beyond.

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