Inspiration Workshops & Best-Practice Guidance

Improve your share of voice in the CCM-CXM market with a range of content that is audience-specific and supported by Aspire’s globally recognized industry expertize, primary market research and insights.

Products/Offering included:

  • Aspire’s Report Store Subscription for Enterprises (Coming in 2024)

  • Ask the Analyst – 1 hour briefing sessions

  • Ask the Consultant – 1 hour briefing sessions

  • On-Site Presentations

  • Specific topical subject Reports e.g.

    • Centre of Excellence
    • AI
    • CCM-CXM and Beyond
    • Technology Trends
      • Personal Video, Forms, ChatBot

Aspire Offerings for Enterprises

Inspiration Workshops & Best Practice Guidance for CCM-CXM

  • Strategy Session/Workshops from half days to full days – the sessions are best delivered on site but can be delivered on-line.

  • Enterprise Client Briefing​ - based on a subject of your choice.

Why do this? What our clients ask us…

  • How do we bridge the gap between our business and IT operations?

  • How do we transition from cost driven “business as usual” budgets to transformational business driven IT investments?

  • Help us understand the importance of setting up Centers of Excellence both within the business and IT

  • Can we have access to updated Thought Leadership / Point of View reports?

How We Can Help

  • We have helped several large enterprise customers within the banking, energy, insurance and healthcare industries with advice on Centers of Excellence, sometimes called BizDevOps teams.

  • A large bank as well as a large insurance business recently transitioned their CCM ownership under control of the CMO, who needed executive-level support in terms of strategy and operational direction.

  • We helped an IT architect in U.S. health insurance with insights to help them build a modern architecture based a modern integration layer interacting with a data lake / CDP to measure engagement.

  • An architect at a European energy business was wondering how they could evolve their technology stack into a modern, API-driven composable architecture.

  • An IT architect at a large insurance company needed insights on how to apply AI to extract meta-data from transactional communications stored in the archive to get a 360 degree view on customer interactions, including legacy output

Real Business Outcomes

We have worked with operations (for outsourcing) and enterprise IT leaders (for insourcing /procurement of CCM technology) in North America, Europe (including the UK, the Netherlands, the Nordics, and DACH), as well as Australia and New Zealand across several regulated industries (including financial services, banking, pension administration, P&C insurance, life insurance, health insurance, health provider, energy, telecom and others).

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