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Aspire Leaderboard: Q1 2024 Market Update

The Aspire Leaderboard, our market-leading CCM-CXM vendor evaluation portal, can help industry professionals keep track of key developments ...
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The latest shifts in the CCM landscape & how to maximise the opportunities

As we commence the roll out of the Aspire Sales Enablement (ASE) program with key service providers in ...
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Aspire Leaderboard – Q4 2023 Update

The Aspire Leaderboard is a trusted source of information and insight into the Customer Communications Management (CCM) and ...
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Communisis and the implications for the CCM/CXM Market

On 28th December 2023, it was announced that Communisis’ transactional business had gone into administration, after months of speculation ...
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Aspire Leaderboard – Q3 2023 Update

The Aspire Leaderboard is a one-of-a-kind tool designed to help stakeholders in every part of the customer communications ...
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The AI opportunity in CCM-CXM: Part 2 – what to look for in vendors?

In recent posts, I’ve written about Aspire’s ongoing study concerning the opportunities and challenges associated with the use of generative AI ...
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Aspire’s latest update on generative AI in CCM-CXM

In some of my previous blogs, I’ve talked about how the Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) revolution is taking ...
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Consumer Behaviors & Attitudes Towards Communications

Another challenging year… We all thought that 2023 would be a more stable year now that we are ...
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