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Receive an honest evaluation and independent endorsement from Aspire’s expert team of industry analysts by featuring in its market leading, digital-first CCM-CXM software and service comparison tool, helping you understand your position in the market.

Products/Offerings included:

Aspire Leaderboard Memberships for 12 months

  • Full Vendor Profile (FVP)

  • Marketing Vendor Profile (MVP)

Aspire Offering for Vendors - Memberships

Full Vendor Profile (FVP)

  • Assessment and positioning in all relevant Leaderboard grids (optional)

  • Full Leaderboard profile page, including:​

      • Branded page banner​
      • Client’s content on profile page​
      • Full Aspire analysis
      • Aspire analysis summary video on profile page​

  • License to use static image​ of relevant grids

  • Licence to use CCM market research stats/slides related to CCM trends

  • Continuous Update process

  • Access to Profile Page analytics​

  • Dedicated Content Hub folder on website​

  • 2 named contacts (web seats)​

  • Up to 4 QBR’s (Business Reviews)

  • Automatic renewal for seamless membership – (30 day cancellation / upgrade notice before expiry)

Marketing Vendor Profile (MVP)

  • As FVP above, plus…

  • Unlimited marketing tokens, allowing vendors to drive demand gen to a dedicated URL, with automatic notification when the tokens have been activated by customers.​

  • PR Amplification: Monitoring of vendor’s PR traffic and amplifying significant events by re-posting on Aspire website and, where relevant, social media. ​

  • License to re-use profile video for marketing​

  • Marketing guidance & advice​

Why do this? What our clients ask us…

  • Validation by an internationally recognized consultancy firm

  • International brand awareness

  • Our assessment process helps to define/sharpen propositions and unique differentiators

  • Part of a unique, global initiative that highlights the role of innovative vendors and service providers expanding into selling software and CX services

  • Enhance the effectiveness of vendor marketing by leveraging our materials and tokens (i.e. positioning grid diagrams, analyst videos, collect customer information by offering them an access token)

      • Product review
      • Roadmap review
      • Positioning review
      • Messaging review
      • Marketing support (data proof points)
      • PR support

How We Can Help

  • The Aspire Leaderboard is a self-service industry and vendor comparison portal for enterprises that want to learn more about the CCM-CXM provider landscape (both software vendors and service providers) and is a Digital First – fully interactive tool.

  • The grids can be accessed for free, but a premium account is required to enable all features.

      • For Vendor access – click here to go to the Leaderboard
      • For Enterprise access – click here to subscribe or sign in with your Vendor Token

Real Business Outcomes

Aspire has worked with Companies across the World and in multiple, especially regulated, Industries to help them understand the challenges of poor Customer Communications and Experience. We have worked with Vendors across the World including Global Technology Providers and Service and Solution Providers, providing recognition of their products and services via our Aspire Leaderboard subscription memberships and associated services, helping them understand the path from CCM-CXM and beyond.

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