Strategy, Research & Consulting Vendor Edition

Strategic Consulting

Enable smarter planning, optimized roadmaps, and informed go-to-market strategies with Aspire’s unbiased and highly relevant CCM-CXM consultancy.

Market Research and Consulting

Make smarter, more informed decisions that increase performance with the help of Aspire’s independent, actionable research findings and intelligence.

Aspire CCS Select Programs

Aspire Sales Enablement (ASE)

  • This Special Program has been specifically developed for our Service Provider & Tech Vendor community

  • Specifically to provide value creation and sales enablement for our clients to support accelerated growth

  • The program is designed with a minimum duration of 6 months with checkpoints at the 2 & 4-month points to refine and extend the engagement

  • Measurement of success will be agreed upon by the client

  • Confidentiality managed via MNDA process (by individual enterprise if necessary)

Products/Offerings included:

Aspire Strategy Support

  • Consumer Insights

  • Market Trends

  • Competitive Insights

  • Roadmap / Product Gap Analysis

  • Product Planning Support

  • Business Planning

  • M&A Support

Aspire Launch Review

  • Product Review (beta)

  • Roadmap Review

  • Positioning Review

  • Messaging Review

  • Marketing Support (data proof points)

  • Business Planning

  • PR Support

Aspire Offering for Vendors


  • Strategy Workshops

  • Analyst Calls

  • Aspire Launch Review


  • Analyst Custom Research

  • Market Sizing & Forecasting


  • Ad-hoc Consulting

  • Maturity Assessments

  • Value Creation

  • Business Development

Why do this? What our clients ask us…

  • Help us understand the latest technology trends in CCM – CXM

  • How will global regulatory issues affect our clients?

  • Help us understand the market when we want to expand in a new geography.

  • How do we align our technology to business problems?

How We Can Help

  • Aspire has helped several technology vendors and service providers with strategy support. Ranging from roadmap reviews; providing insights into key market trends to feed into business planning; helping with competitive insights; and expansion through M&A

  • Aspire has helped Vendors review their product launches and go to market materials, including websites, to give guidance and feedback

  • Aspire has helped Vendors define their marketing strategies e.g. the emergence of TX

  • Aspire has helped Vendors understand the importance of emerging technologies e.g. AI and how they can integrate it into their product offerings

Real Business Outcomes

Aspire has worked with Companies across the World and in multiple, especially regulated, Industries to help them understand the challenges of poor Customer Communications and Experience. We have worked with Vendors across the World including Global Technology Providers and Service and Solution Providers, providing recognition of their products and services via our Aspire Leaderboard subscription memberships and associated services, helping them understand the path from CCM-CXM and beyond.

  • Aspire Customer Stories