CCM–CXM Operating Model and Center of Excellence

Whether you are already on the road to transforming your customer communications and experience, or you want to get started, Aspire offers bespoke consultancy and advisory services, backed up by independent market research that support the journey.

Strategic Consulting for Enterprises

Aspire provides inspiration sessions and strategy workshops that explore the art of what’s possible when it comes to Customer Experience and help clients input into their CCM-CXM strategy. These one-day offerings are tailored to the specific needs of the business. Technology vendors and service providers also bring us on board to support such sessions with their customers. Aspire has a vast breadth of experience in the CCM-CXM space. We utilize “best of breed” CCM–CJM–CXM maturity models to help businesses get started on their CCM-CXM journey.

Up to Date Market Research

At Aspire, we like to work in a bespoke way with our clients. However, we also deliver off-the-shelf reports on topics shaping the industry such as the AI Opportunity in CCM, the shift to cloud, and the formation of a Center of Excellence.

Products/Offering include:

  • CCM Center of Excellence Advisory Service

  • Research Reports

  • Ad hoc Consulting

  • Strategy Reviews

Aspire Offerings for Enterprises


  • Strategy Workshops

  • Analyst Calls


  • Analyst Custom Research

  • Market Sizing & Forecasting


  • Ad hoc Consulting

  • Maturity Assessments

Why do this? What our clients ask us…

  • Help us understand the latest technology trends in CCM–CXM

  • How do we compare to our industry peers?

  • What solutions are out there to fix our problems? We need insights into competitive analysis that help us choose the right solution for us.

  • Help us understand where our challenges lie in perceived bad CX results such as poor CSAT or NPS scoring?

How We Can Help

Formation of a CCM Center of Excellence

As a result of digital transformation, a shift to customer experience and the impact of evolved regulations, enterprises are looking for new ways to structure expert teams in customer communications and digital experience.

Our research shows that more than half of enterprises that have gone through digital transformation of their customer communications have shifted control of communications to the business and have set up a central team to support decentralized practitioners by sharing best practices or acting as subject matter experts.

Real Business Outcomes

We have worked with operations (for outsourcing) and enterprise IT leaders (for insourcing /procurement of CCM technology) in North America, Europe (including the UK, the Netherlands, the Nordics, and DACH), as well as Australia and New Zealand across several regulated industries (including financial services, banking, pension administration, P&C insurance, life insurance, health insurance, health provider, energy, telecom and others).

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