Investor Support

Understand market dynamics, forecasts, and investment opportunities in the CCM-CXM technology space.

Products/Offerings included:

  • Investment and M&A support and guidance

  • Go-to market review and support

  • Partner strategy and selection

  • Geographical expansion strategy

Aspire Offering for Vendors

Investor Support

  • Trusted advisor with intimate knowledge about your business and markets

  • Value mapping & analysis

  • Executive coaching & strategy development

  • Development of SAM/TAM market models

  • Workshops & briefings to understand consumer, business and market trends

  • Outside-in 3rd party perspectives on vendor

  • Client interviews

  • Creation of target acquisition lists

  • Introduction/match-making

Why do this? What our clients ask us…

  • We need help in understanding the CCM-CXM market space and who the key players are

  • What does AI mean in the context of CCM–CXM?

How We Can Help

  • Primary Analyst firm for CCM–CXM

  • Market Intelligence & Due Diligence

  • Custom Research from our in-depth Content Hub

  • Analyst Hours for quick / one off consultations

Real Business Outcomes

Aspire has worked with Companies across the World and in multiple, especially regulated, Industries to help them understand the challenges of poor Customer Communications and Experience. We have worked with Vendors across the World including Global Technology Providers and Service and Solution Providers, providing recognition of their products and services via our Aspire Leaderboard subscription memberships and associated services, helping them understand the path from CCM-CXM and beyond.

  • Aspire Customer Stories