Aspire CCM-CXM Maturity Assessments

In today's competitive business environment, organizations are striving to deliver exceptional customer experiences and build strong relationships with their audiences. Customer Communications Management (CCM) and Customer Experience Management (CXM) play a critical role in achieving these goals. Aspire's CCM-CXM Maturity Assessment provides a comprehensive evaluation of an organization's communications management strategy, workflow, and mindset, enabling stakeholders to better understand their current capabilities, identify areas for growth, and chart a path to customer-centric excellence.

Products/Offering included:
AMA Online:

  • Questionnaire, Report, Presentation

  • (Up to) 5 days duration

AMA Onsite:

  • Onsite 1 day Strategy Workshop

  • Online/Onsite Interviews

  • Comprehensive Report, Executive Summary

  • (Up to) 8 weeks duration

Aspire Offerings for Enterprises

CCM-CXM Maturity Assessments: AMA Online and AMA Onsite.

The online version is a 30 page report based on an online survey of approximately 60-70 questions to be completed by a CCM domain expert in your organization. This report provides your current score on the CXM maturity curve, identifies gaps, and provides areas of interest to explore in more depth. This is an excellent report to get the attention of top management or seek funding.

The Onsite Assessment is a follow-up in which Aspire consultants conduct one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders to validate or gain consensus on strategic direction. These stakeholders are often on the business side and help the IT or CCM teams create a vision that is supported by key constituents.

Why do this? What our clients ask us…

  • How do we get everyone involved?

    Create a shared vision
    Aspire's CCM-CXM Maturity Assessment is an excellent first step for organizations embarking on a journey to transform their customer communications to become customer-centric.

  • How do we make sure this will be implemented?

    Gain Senior Management support
    Gaining top management support is critical.

  • How do we measure our success?

    Establish a baseline against which future improvements can be measured
    Having regular, data-driven checkpoints against which to measure progress is very helpful. CCM-CXM transformation doesn't happen overnight, the domain is too complex or expansive, so it's important to continually look for the low-hanging fruit. Our assessments, combined with our market research and domain insights, give you access to deep expertise to help you achieve your goals.

How We Can Help

Real Business Outcomes

  • Understand where the CCM–CXM market is heading

  • How you compare with the market and your peers

  • Help you align your CCM–CXM strategies with your future TOM (Target Operating Models)

  • Create recommendations based on our findings, for example:-

    • CCM technology upgrade and changes
    • Channel preference management
    • Digital presence and digital communication management
    • Automated workflow and process for communication
    • CX roadmap and strategy

We have worked with operations (for outsourcing) and enterprise IT leaders(for insourcing /procurement of CCM technology) in North America, Europe (including the UK, the Netherlands, the Nordics, and DACH), as well as Australia and New Zealand across several regulated industries (including financial services, banking, pension administration, P&C insurance, life insurance, health insurance, health provider, energy, telecom and others).

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