US Health Insurer seeks expertise to compare vendor market

The Challenge

A large US Healthcare Insurer was reviewing its existing Customer Communications Management (CCM) technology stack. This American Fortune Global 500 and Fortune 500 Company needed to access a trusted, independent and expert view of the vendor market in order to ensure it was using the right technology for the business and its updated Target Operating Model.

The Solution

Aspire worked closely with the customer, firstly to gain an understanding of its needs and future growth plans. Aspire then conducted and present an in-depth and customized audit of the CCM vendor market, looking at the customer’s existing CCM technology provider and comparing this with other market offerings, always keeping in mind where and how the customer wanted to grow in the coming years. This was delivered as part of the Aspire Maturity Assessment (AMA) offering for Enterprises.

Alongside the vendor analysis, the customer also needed to gain a greater understanding of the evolving CCM market, where it is heading and the key global trends behind this evolution. Aspire was able to draw on its in-depth market knowledge and independent research findings to compile an overview of the market, which was presented to key stakeholders on the customer side.

The Results

At the end of the process, Aspire presented the customer with a comprehensive and highly personalized vendor technology comparison, taking the most relevant vendors for the customer and comparing them based on a number of focus areas, including design environment, AI-based migration functionality and digital delivery, amongst other criteria.

The resulting competitive intelligence report provided insight on the key developments and observations for each of the vendors in question and highlighted the considerations that the customer needed to take into account when deciding which vendor to partner with. This approach has empowered the customer to more easily compare and contrast vendor offerings.

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