European Bank Gains the Tools to Meet CX Goals

March 26, 2024

The Challenge

A European Bank was undergoing a review of all communications from the business, based on its current technology platform. Having recently embarked on a digital transformation program, shifting from a traditional way of working to agile teams, the customer wanted to gain an independent view of its position in the market compared with the competition with regards to its customer communications, while ensuring that it was aligned with its vision and mission to put the customer at the centre of the business. The customer also wanted to discover areas for growth and development in the business with regards to its inbound and outbound customer communications.

The Solution

The team at Aspire conducted a comprehensive audit of the customer’s operation and assessed the company’s current state of omni-channel customer communications management and its impact on customer experience. This was delivered as part of the Aspire Maturity Assessment (AMA) offering for Enterprises. With a CCM/CSM industry that is undergoing a dramatic transformation, Aspire was able to provide insight on the key global trends that are driving this transformation, drawing also from its own independent market research findings.

The audit included the completion of a number of detailed interviews with the customer’s stakeholders in order to ascertain the current state of the organisation’s customer communications, to understand its greatest challenges, and to identify potential areas for improvement.

With a thorough understanding of the business challenges that the customer faced, Aspire was able to effectively identify gaps and opportunities for improvement, provide recommendations on future-state organization and business vision

The Results

By the end of its audit, Aspire was able to present back to the customer several challenges that should be worked through to successfully evolve its CCM/CXM maturity, the consequences of not addressing them, an a set of specific recommendations and high-level timeline for this evolution, including the technical requirements involved.
With a genuine desire to make a difference to its customer base, Aspire’s insight into where the market is heading, how the customer compares against industry peers, and what it’s CCM/CXM strategy should be for the years ahead, has empowered the customer to understand how to do this effectively.
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