Global Insurer Embraces Digital Future

The Challenge

A Global Insurer/ Pensions Admin team was looking for expert insight into whether it was in line with the the company’s objective to deliver world class Customer Experience to its customers. In order to do this it was specifically looking to better understand the CCM/CXM market and where it is headed, how the company compares to others in the market and what its CCM/XM strategy should encompass in the coming years.

In a largely paper-lead, complex and highly regulated market, the Pensions Admin team was looking to utilise Aspire’s domain expertise to strategically improve customer experiences to meet current expectations by members, bring itself in greater alignment with Peers in the Industry, while making process efficiency gains along the way.

The Solution

Utilising the Aspire Maturity Assessment (AMA) offering for Enterprises, Aspire’s team of industry experts were able to gain a clear view and understanding of how the company was operating ‘as is’ and then to work with the customer to explain how current workflow, processes and customer touch-points were contributing to this, while also providing insight and advice on what needed to change in order to boost the company’s position against the competition, using Aspire’s Maturity Curve.

Following a number of in-depth interviews with the team, Aspire delivered a comprehensive report and executive summary to the customer, which explained its current position in the market with regards to CX, and the key recommendations and next steps it should consider in improving this in the future. Not only was this insight based on current market trends, but it was supported by Aspire’s own research findings.

The Results

Aspire was able to bring the customer on a journey to a better understanding on the CCM/CXM industry and where the pensions market fits within this. The process resulted in the customer being able to identify the current workflows and processes that are hindering further improvement in CX and how to overcome the complexities of the pensions market to embrace digital communications management tools and create a plan to roll out a more mature CX roadmap and strategy. In doing this, the customer is looking at new digital product offerings that increase competitive advantage, and boost revenue growth.

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