UK Challenger Bank Gains Market Validation

February 20, 2024

The Challenge

A UK Challenger Bank / Mutual Society was undergoing a complete re-branding exercise with a new executive team and needed a comprehensive and independent evaluation of its current Customer Communications Management (CCM) / Customer Experience Management (CXM).

By establishing its position in the market, the executive team wanted to identify areas for growth in the business and ensure that it was telling the right story to its customer base.

The Solution

The team at Aspire worked with the customer to assess and present where it was on the Aspire Maturity Curve, following an in-depth review of the company’s current offering and market position.

Delivered as part of the Aspire Maturity Assessment (AMA) offering for Enterprises, the findings were presented to the executive team, alongside insight and best practice based on current market trends and Aspire’s own research findings. Aspire was also able to provide custom recommendations and suggested next steps for the company.

The Results

As the only CCM/CXM focused global advisory firm, Aspire was able to utilise its dedicated domain expertise to identify where on the maturity curve the Bank was positioned against other Enteprises. With this knowledge in hand, alongside practical guidance on next steps the Bank to has been empowered to identify areas for growth when it comes to prioritising and meeting evolving customer needs.

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