Aspire Maturity Assessment: What You Need to Know

As organizations evolve into customer-centric models, moving into omni-channel communications through digital transformation and customer journey management, we have seen for some time now that CX is evolving. TX (Total eXperience) is being hailed as the strategy for “customer first” organizations but many are still not aware where they are on their CCM to CXM and beyond digital transformation projects. Aspire has invested many years of experience in this area to combine both the strengths of our Analysts and Consultants to create the Aspire Maturity Assessment. Aspire is pleased to announce that the Aspire Maturity Assessment – Online (or AMA Online) is now live. So what is it? And why it’s different to the AMA – Onsite.

What is the AMA Online (Aspire Maturity Assessment)?

An automated online self-assessment created specifically for Enterprises. It is an introduction to the Aspire CXM Maturity Curve™️ to help them understand where they currently sit. A report is generated that provides an indicative position on the maturity curve against other enterprises with some hints and tips for improvements.

How does it work?

AMA Online is an exciting new self-assessment tool from Aspire, using standard questions and linked to complex algorithms to determine positioning and maturity curve, all done online and completed by enterprises. With just a 1-hour introduction from Aspire on how to access and complete the assessment, and supported by Service Providers in the completion, the assessment will take 1-day dedicated resource from the enterprise to fill out in a dedicated portal on Aspire’s website. Using 9 categories of questioning to establish current and future direction of Customer Communications Management (CCM), Customer Journey Management/Mapping  (CJM) and Customer Experience  Management (CXM), the AMA Online gives  an indicative position of CXM maturity.

Categories cover:

  1. Strategy
  2. IT Platforms & infrastructure
  3. Data & Information Management
  4. Risk & Compliance
  5. CXM Process Efficiency
  6. Organization & Team Structure
  7. Delivery & Preferences
  8. Customer Engagement
  9. Digital Culture

The report and follow-up

Following the completion of the online self-assessment, a set of slides will be compiled and report will be generated which give the enterprise’s current position on the maturity curve as well as areas for improvement.

AMA Online v Onsite

AMA Online can be used as a snapshot of your current environment and will show where you are on your digital transformation journey. It will score you against our 9 category CCM/CXM categories and map you against our 5 stage Maturity Model. It will highlight 3 areas for improvement (at a high level) and will outline this in our comprehensive report. The Onsite version is a much deeper dive into LOB process and a detailed strategy session/workshop, interviews with the business and IT.

The AMA Online can be with Aspire directly, with your current CCM vendor or partner.

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