Understanding the New Digital Reality: Aspire Announces New Research Project

Understanding the New Digital Reality: Aspire Announces New Research Project

Tuesday 31st March, 2020:

In the light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, it comes as no surprise that recent research points to a steep decline in global economic output. The U.S. Production & Manufacturing Index (PMI) has dropped to a record low, while data from Europe appears even more ominous. Governments around the world, including the U.S., are looking at ways to intervene with economic support to keep economies afloat, and while we prepare ourselves for an inevitable recession and subsequent rebound, it’s clear that the current disruption is accelerating a fundamental change in how we work, communicate and use technology.  The world was already experiencing rapid digitization before the pandemic, but recent events have proved that the digital economy is not only real and necessary, but here to stay.


Aspire has today announced plans for a new research initiative, titled 'Understanding the New Digital Reality: How to Transform in a Time of Critical Change.' It will gather the latest market intelligence by surveying both consumers and businesses in the US and Canada and asking what experiences consumers value and what challenges businesses face when implementing successful digital and omni-channel communications strategies and services. Aspire will explore what the new world of business communications will look like for both services providers and their emerging competitors, digital agencies, business consultancies, solutions integrators and software vendors, all of which will be pursuing the omnichannel opportunity. The multi-client research will offer insight into what all these players can do to help their clients thrive in the emerging market paradigm.


Ahead of commissioning the survey, Aspire is inviting organizations to sponsor the paid research, preferably before the early bird discount deadline of April 24, 2020. Early bird sponsors will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the questionnaire before the survey goes live. Based on the survey findings, Aspire will help sponsors navigate their way to success in this new reality by providing input on business planning and strategy so they can align people, process, and technology to create competitive value and differentiate themselves in the market.

Research sponsors will gain access to up-to-date proof points and insights into:

  • The challenges business currently face when looking to digitally transform in the current economic climate, and what they are looking for from the wider service provider community
  • Current enterprise investment plans when it comes to emerging technologies such as AI, Cloud, and Analytics applications, and the new ways in which organizations will be required to work
  • What service providers and new market entrants need to invest in to maximize their returns and provide a path to success in the evolving CCM market
  • How the competitive landscape will evolve in the months ahead and how this should inform business models for various types of services


Sponsors will also be given access to Aspire’s CCM-to-CXM maturity model, which can be used as a self-assessment tool to help them optimize business planning, operating models, and digital strategy moving forward.


The research will survey 300 enterprises and 2,000 consumers within North America, across a range of vertical industries during the month of May 2020, with a written report made available to all sponsors once the subsequent analysis has been completed in June.


We’d love to connect, if you’d be interested in signing up as a sponsor to this research initiative. Please contact Paul Abdool (paul.abdool@aspireccs.com) or Will Morgan (will.morgan@aspireccs.com) for more information. They would be happy to walk you through the research in more details and discuss options.