20 October, 2021

Today sees the launch of the CCM-CXM Service Provider Aspire Leaderboard. This update to Aspire’s interactive, self-service vendor evaluation tool builds on the success of the CCM Technology Vendor Aspire Leaderboard, with the addition of North American CCM and CXM Service Providers.

Alongside the ability to compare key Service Provider players in the American market, enterprises can also access independent insight and expert analysis on the outsourcing provider landscape.

Users can see how CCM and CXM Service Providers compare on the Aspire Leaderboard’s default grid, which assesses providers based on two core aspects:

  • Capabilities - An indicator of the strength of the company’s software, services and solutions, and
  • Vision - Focuses on the company’s maturity of its digital and CXM offerings

Thanks to its unique dynamic capabilities, users can also filter results specifically to match the exact requirements of their organization. Providers can be filtered by location, industry, capabilities and compliance, among other options. Furthermore, users can save and share any customized grids that they create, helping to simplify the process for CCM/CXM purchasing and decision making.

The Aspire Leaderboard is an essential gateway to a holistic understanding of the CCM and CXM markets. From both a product and now a service/solution perspective too, it enables industry professionals to make more informed decisions about the CCM software, solutions and services that best fit their business.

Find out more and explore the dedicated Aspire Leaderboard site, here.

CCM-CXM Service Providers Aspire Leaderboard

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