The latest shifts in the CCM landscape & how to maximise the opportunities

March 18, 2024

As we commence the roll out of the Aspire Sales Enablement (ASE) program with key service providers in North America, Canada, and the UK, I think it is worth reflecting on why this program is needed and why it’s needed now.

As we’ve written many times here at Aspire, the Customer Communication Management (CCM) market is rapidly changing.  An ever-increasing focus on digital channels is driving business need for greater consumer engagement, and it only achieved by focusing on the customer’s experience when engaging with a brand and the outcomes of that interaction.  There are also incredibly exciting new technologies available such as artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), which are likely to have a seismic effect on the CCM market over the next few years.  Meanwhile, enterprises are being forced to adjust their organizational structures to meet the new consumer needs inherent with this increasing ‘experience’ imperative.  It is an unprecedented time of change and service companies must adapt and maximize the opportunities presented or will miss the wave and be left behind in a communications backwater.

Here’s why:

  • A new wave of digital transformation is here.  Aspire’s primary research shows us that high inflation and rising postal rates along with staff/labor shortages and a desire to improve customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) are driving businesses to accelerate their print-to-digital transformation faster than ever before.
  • Enterprises need help. At the same time, a shortage of specialist staff, a lack of digital expertise, the pace of technical change (i.e., AI/ML) and difficulties securing funding are all contributing to the fact that even large enterprises can no longer meet evolving customer needs without support. Again, our research shows that most businesses worldwide are turning to trusted partners to help them modernize their communications.
  • Buyers have different needs. As organizations continue to transform, new buyers in the line-of-business (LOB), marketing, or cross-functional product teams have emerged to have their say in communications management. These new buyers have different needs and requirements than traditional buyers in corporate IT. They may purchase CCM-CXM solutions without going through a central function or an RFP process. They favor partnering with providers who can offer digital skills, innovation, and communications management in the cloud instead of focusing solely on securing the lowest overall cost.

As the competitive landscape expands, the window of opportunity to successfully transform and respond to this changing CCM-CXM landscape narrows. If service providers want to maximize the opportunities these shifts represent, they must build new digital and technological service offerings aligned to emerging buyers’ needs.  They need to educate their client-facing teams and equip them with the research-backed insight and data proof points that will enable them to adopt a consultative and flexible approach so they can reposition themselves as trusted advisors.

The Aspire Sales Enablement Program (ASE) equips service provider sales teams with customized insights, expert guidance, market education, and research-rich sales tools so that they can effectively position and sell these new technology and digital services.

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