26 July 2022

Aspire has today announced the launch of the updated 2022 Aspire CCM-CXM Leaderboard, the company’s interactive comparison tool that dynamically visualizes the CCM-CXM Software, Solutions, and Service Provider landscape. Featuring in-depth, analysis and independent reviews of the key players, the Aspire Leaderboard provides an essential gateway to a holistic understanding of market.

In line with market evolution and emerging trends, today’s release includes major updates to the way users can segment the market view. This update reflects both the continuing shift from Customer Communications Management (CCM) to Customer Experience Management (CXM) and, within this, the rising popularity and provision of cloud solution and subscription CCM offerings. In adapting the Aspire Leaderboard grids, we are enabling industry professionals to make more informed decisions about the software, solutions and services that best fit their business.

With an updated user interface, and more significant updates to come in the coming months, we’re also making it simpler than ever for enterprises to specify their individual requirements using filters, to quickly and easily identify the most relevant vendors on five pre-set grids, with more in the pipeline:

  • AnyPrem CCM Software
    Solutions that can be deployed on-prem or in a hosted, public, virtual private, or hybrid cloud configuration.
  • Vendor Hosted SaaS CCM
    Cloud-native CCM software which is offered “as a service” (SaaS) hosted and managed directly by the vendors, who are responsible for data security, certification, regulatory compliance, and privacy.
  • Enterprise Communications Processing (ECP)
    Post-composition or downstream processing software which can orchestrate diverse input and print output streams, enhancing communications for accessibility, barcoding, reforming, print production management and more.
  • Communications Experience Platform (CXP)
    Traditional CCM solutions combined with additional capabilities from adjacent fields, addressing communications use cases across the entire customer lifecycle, offered as a single cloud or hosted managed services.
  • Service Providers
    Companies leading with CCM services Including print oriented BPOs, solution integrators, value added resellers, and hosted managed service providers.

Following today’s update, the Aspire Leaderboard portal will be continually updated throughout the year to ensure that the analysis displayed is up-to-date and responds in real-time to market changes.

As with previous iterations of the Aspire Leaderboard, users can make use of the dynamic filtering capabilities to tailor the provided grids with their specific business needs in order to gain a personalized market view. Moreover, these customized grids can be saved and shared with other stakeholders in the business.

Visit the Aspire Leaderboard to sign up for free to access to the pre-set gird views, along with regularly updated industry news, events and insight from the Aspire analyst and consulting team.

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