About Us

Aspire was founded end of 2015 by Kaspar Roos. The company aims to help enterprises transform their customer communications through a combination of deep domain expertise, global insights, and aspirational thinking. Kaspar has well over a decade of experience in the customer communications and marketing technology industry; first at a technology vendor, then 8 years as lead industry analyst for InfoTrends, and now under his own flag as a business strategy consultancy. He is well connected in the industry, considered a thought leader, and often presents at conferences and events. His vision is to make Customer Communications Management (CCM) a mainstream component of any digital transformation project that focuses on customer experience optimization.


The company is based in the UK but serves an international client base.

Follow on Twitter: @kasparroos
Linkedin: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/kasparroos
M. +44 1923 605 526
E. kaspar.roos@nullaspireccs.com